Stephen Woodhams Design is fuelled by a fusion of ideas and that come from many different aspects of the natural world such as dramatic landscapes, the clever play of light, the way plants grow in their native habitat, colours and reflections in water.

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The Historic gardens of many different cultures are a rich source of ideas, as are the latest materials produced by cutting edge technology. We are fascinated by the juxtaposition of new industrial materials combined with traditional techniques and methods.  We believe in sustainability and try increasing the ecological diversity and richness of any landscape in which we work. Our gardens are very much a product of their time.


We believe that clients should have as much or as little involvement with the design process as they wish. Ultimately we like to make connections between people and places, emotions and ideas, hearts and minds.


In essence our designs are a physical combination of all the above thoughts and emotions. We see them as an expression of love for what is past and of excitement about the imaginative possibility of the present. While responding to the reality of contemporary life, we seek to acknowledge our intellectual debt to the garden designers of yesteryear.

Our award winning gardens are recognised by their strong architectural identities, showcasing a lush and elegant style of planting and incorporating an eclectic mix of texture and colour. We have been pioneering  the “Inside/outside concept” since designing gardens for the 1995 Chelsea Flower Show.

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