Lighting and Irrigation


Lighting of a garden or any outside space is very important, but more often than not I take the ‘less is more’ approach, as I feel really that these spaces should look like they are bathed in moonlight or candle light.
Creating depth of field is my favourite lighting trick – rather than looking out at a flat black hole, we focus on creating light and shadow. Lights dancing through water features always look very effective.



lighting-1We are happy to provide a design for lighting, and we also work with various lighting consultants, and are open to suggestions a client may have, and happy to work as part of a team.







irrigation-1Irrigation is a very important factor, not only in the UK but more importantly for projects abroad. The first question I ask my clients is what sources of water do they have access to – even before we design the garden.







We are working more and more with clients, interior designers and architects where we are focusing on being sustainable. Where possible we are including rain water harvesting units as well as storage tanks to store water during the winters and rainy seasons, which then help us with irrigation the rest of the year.



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