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Cotswold Garden

We have been involved with this Cotswold country estate for many years now, after setting out a ‘Masterplan’ which we are still working towards some years later. At the main entrance we needed to define the ‘Front Door’ of the property, so we added this stone apron, using Cotswold stone on edge, to define an area in which we then placed a pair of reconstituted stone pots planted with mature Bay (Laurus nobilis) topiary, underplanted with seasonal flowering plants.

We added a lot of structure and over-scaled evergreen topiary all around the existing terraces, together with our signature Cream Clay and Zinc containers, planted in a contemporary and architectural way. Along the Iris walk we added the right-hand wall, previously we always had soil and debris falling onto the pathway, which we had to resolve and it helped link the main house to the pool area. For the Pool area I wanted the feeling to be as if you have been transported to the South of France or warmer places, so we planted over-scale standard Magnolia grandiflora underplanted with Santolina incana, helichrysums, white Agapanthus, lavenders, Alliums, Festuca glauca and white iris in bold and graphic lines and panels. We also planted lovely mature olives together with multi-stemmed silver birch (Betula utilis var. Jacquemontii). We placed large Cream clay containers with 1 metre diameter box balls in a line of five. Behind the rear wall of the pool we planted a grove of single stemmed Betula pendula ‘Swiss Glory’ with ribbons of cream narcissus for the spring .

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