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Lux Belle Mare, Mauritius

We were part of the design team that was pulled together by Paul Jones the CEO of Lux Island resorts to help renovate the Naiade group of hotels, the first being ‘Belle Mare’ in Mauritius. We were also part of the bigger picture which was the total re-branding of the group, a really lovely opportunity, and we are continuing to be involved as we slowly roll out the plans.

It is one of the most beautiful locations on the island and it was wonderful to work closely with the interior designer Kelly Hoppen who has been a friend for many years. To see her lovely renovated rooms is a real joy.

The first thing I advised upon as my “Big Idea” which was to simplify the visual identity of the hotels buildings, as when I first saw the hotel we had three colours of exterior paints being used with orange wooden window and door frames and ceiling timbers in a smokey black stain. I suggested we paint the whole lot out in one colour, and we choose a light mushroom tint which works well as a backdrop colour, setting the planting off well.
I wanted the landscape to work well with Kelly’s interior, so a very simple linear identity was chosen with planting set in parallel lines, using a tight palette of plants which are repeated in long rows. It is a style we like to use to give a simple yet very strong architectural identity, and these subtle stripes of planting work well with the stripes that Kelly applies to cushions, bedlinen etc. We have also styled a new look for planting in simple white pots which are made on the island and for the cut flower arrangements which will eventually be used throughout the resort.

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