Stephen Woodhams Design - Projects - Mediterranean Garden
Le Manoir, France

We have been acting for many years as a consultant for this privately owned hotel, since its present owners took it over and renovated it. The brief was to use a range of plants which are normally grown in this region, so lovely mature olive trees, together with Agave americana as the main structure, with a whole assortment of smaller plants such as lavender, Santolina incana, Helichysum augustifolium, Aloe ‘Rooikappie’ to name but a few. These were planted in a contemporary way, as we planted them in straight lines on a grid, so giving it a very architectural identity from the beginning and as they grew the design became softer. We also planted lovely over-scaled cream clay containers with huge mounds of lavender. We have recently designed a possible third phase to this project.

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