Stephen Woodhams Design - Projects - Roof Garden
Stannary Street

This roof garden was re-furbished at the same time the apartment was given an overhaul by the client. We helped them choose the flooring tile which was used both for the interior and exterior giving a seamless unified identity to the spaces, both of which looked bigger as a result. Building control required a balustrade which we constructed in glass panels the same width as the floor tiles. The area is divided into a dining and seating area, together with a self-contained zinc water feature and a central fireplace coffee table. The main planting is huge over-scaled white rigid plastic flower-pots, planted with olives (Olea europea), silver birch trees (Betula utilis Jacquemontii), Eucalyptus gunnii and various varieties of herbaceous plants as under-planting. The two zinc containers either side of the entrance doors are always planted with seasonal flowering plants.

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